RPCHub management endpoint

http://localhost:8012 or This is the local endpoint to access the configuraitons and only acccessable when RPCHub is running.


RPCHub (Username is fixed, omitted on the web explorer login)


Default is 123456. It is recommended to set your password after first login.


You can input any functional proxy you wish to use, and all of the requests will be sent though this proxy. Support HTTPS and SOCKS5. Default is blank.

Request timeout

If an RPC request sent to an endpoint does not respond within this time, the request is considered a timeout.

Request max retries

RPCHub will retry the timeout request based on the strategy. If times of fail reach this number, this request is considered failed.

Phishing DB

A database contains scam or malicious addresses. Once input in the configuration, requests interacting with these addresses will be blocked by RPCHub.

Update interval

RPChub will refresh the addresses from saved database URL with this interval.


where R is ratio and W is the weight of all endpoints for this chain in the configurations.

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