What problems does RPCHub solve?

As the web3 industry continues to grow, more users and developers are using and building on blockchain networks. However, using a single RPC endpoint has limitations such as slow response times, downtime, rate limit, or unsupported methods. This is where RPCHub comes in, a leading RPC aggregator that offers you the fastest and most robust RPC service solutions by integrating your owned nodes, as well as private and public endpoints.

The Benefits of Using RPCHub as an RPC aggregator

  1. Scalable and Stable: RPCHub is able to integrate public endpoints, private endpoints, as well as owned nodes to provide developers with the highest level of capacity and uptime.

  2. Fast Response Times: RPCHub let you configure the strategy of load balancing to ensure fast response times.

  3. Customizable Solutions: RPCHub offers customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals, including integration with existing infrastructure and security requirements.

  4. Privacy Benefits: Strategy configurations are stored and utilized locally to best protect your privacy. Routing your RPC requests to multiple service providers makes it harder to create a profile of customers.

  5. Fully Open-source: Since the source code is openly available, the community can review it and share RPC resources. The team provides quick feedback on constructive suggestions and adds new features to the program.

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